AGES 7-11

Encourage your young athlete to grow and thrive with the Jump Start program, designed to teach kids to play with purpose and develop self-confidence. In Jump Start, kids develop a sense of community both on and off the field, make lifelong friendships and discover all that they can achieve—both in sports and in life.

  • Improving fundamental athletic skills and self-esteem for young athletes
  • Athletic Coordination
  • Running Technique
  • Balance and Body Weight Strength
  • Speed, Agility, and Reaction
  • Dynamic Flexibility and Sports Flow
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Confidence
  • Winning (and Losing) Graciously

AGES 11-13

Total Performance 1 is a speed school program that helps your pre-teen learn to improve overall strength, speed, and agility. Designed to produce max improvements in athletic performance, the strength and speed classes help maturing athletes develop their potential; as well as form strong bonds with their teammates for a true feeling of belonging and purpose.

  • Develop & enhance athletic performance
  • Improve Speed, Agility, and Reaction, Including Multi-Directional Speed
  • Dynamic Flexibility and Sports Flow
  • Fundamentals of Body Weight Training and Strength Training
  • Develop Endurance
  • Maximize Jumping Ability
  • Reduce Susceptibility to Injury
  • Strategies for Developing a Strong character
  • Boost Confidence

AGES 14+/High School

Ready to improve your strength, speed, and power on the field, court or weight room?  Total Performance 2 is designed to give you the ultimate athletic advantage over your competition. Whatever your sport, whatever your passion, Total Performance 2 gives you the physical and mental discipline you need to be the best of the best and finally grab that competitive edge.

  • Designed for the high-performance high school, college & professional athlete
  • Run your fastest sprint time ever
  • Increase vertical jump
  • Power Development: Proper Lifting Techniques; Break your all-time max lift
  • Maximize agility
  • Dynamic flexibility and Sports Flow
  • Injury Prevention
  • Recover faster
  • Character Development


Coaches, high schools, and team clubs know that today’s championship teams are composed of more than just good technical players. Assessing where your team is at, building a program that addresses your needs and executing workouts that give you stronger, healthier athletes. Our team training camps provide onsite training for all teams of any age.

  • Performance Assessment-where does your team rank?
  • Track Progress-are your athletes getting stronger & faster?
  • Designed to assist Sports Coaches to help teams improve the following:
  • Team Speed & Agility: Learn superior speed and quickness techniques
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Power & Endurance: Enhance Explosive Power and Strength
  • Team Unity & Work Ethic: Boost Team Morale, Teamwork and Mental Toughness (Grit)
  • Injury Prevention: Reduce Injuries by increasing Flexibility and Mobility
  • Nutrition & Recovery