Here’s the final study, again done in conjunction with Dr. Shannon Lynch and Dr. Kathryn Schmitz (mentioned above).

In this one we studied young male (testis) and female (breast) cancer survivors. We examined:

* weight loss,
* body fat %,
* BMI,
* waist-to-hip ratio
* retention rates
* adverse events.

Again, exciting results. Men and women who completed the program:

* lost an average of 17.8 pounds,
* lost 9% of their initial body weight,
* decreased their BMI by 2.5,
* lost 3.5% body fat.

In conclusion, as half of adult cancer survivors under the age of 50 are obese and struggle with weight loss, this study showed that PN Coaching can help this population lose weight, lose fat, and lower BMI.

Study details HERE