My son has lost weight…increased speed. And overall attitude is improved. 

Glenn Dahmer

If you are looking to increase speed and strength, this is the place for you. Coach does an excellent job.

Damon Rivers

I have two kids, my daughter 7 and my son 9, enrolled in the program. They absolutely love it!!  My daughter last week asked what we were going to do after her one-hour workout. I told her we could go home and play some games and she said, “No, I want to do a two-hour workout instead.” The program has made them stronger and more confident.  

Michelle Thompson

Our daughter Abby has benefitted tremendously from her JS Speed Sessions. As a gymnast, her strength, speed and flexibility are all important components to her success. After class this week, Abby was raving about her workout and said how much she liked going because the Parisi Coaches “make conditioning fun”!  Our older son also participates in Parisi. Having recently turned 13, Brendan was interested in strength training. We were concerned at just letting him “go for it”…and are thrilled that the Parisi coaches are teaching him correct form and technique.  He’s on his way to another successful season!  Thanks, Parisi School! 

Joanne Lewis Brooks

The program is one of the best things to happen to my son in a long time. It gives him confidence and flexibility, and he leaves every session with a great sense of pride.  The staff is knowledgeable, responsible, positive and so enthusiastic.  I highly recommend it.  

Lauren Swick Jordan