What has become more crystal clear to me in regards to my personal mission, as well as, the mission of Alliance as a whole is to help people to truly become their best.. As I have been working through Brian Johnson’s Optimize Coach program I have begun to realize just how powerful this mission can be.

It is my opinion that very few of us have reached our true potential. Most of us are certainly not at our best on a consistent moment to moment basis. I don’t want to make that seem negative but rather frame it as a positive. What I really see is an incredible opportunity for growth!! If you tell me that I have reached my ultimate potential as a human being and that I can do nothing more to become better then I would hope I would be at the end of my life. At that point, I could move on to the afterlife knowing I had lived my life well. I hope I am far from the end and if you tell me there is no more room for growth I might be a little depressed.

What I want to share in this article is some of what we have been working on in the Optimize coach program to help in the journey towards optimization. We are in the process of developing a Carpe Diem Journal. The cornerstone of that journal is creating what we are calling a  Masterpiece Day. The goal of the journal is to seize each day by organizing it in a way where you are working on becoming a little better in a systematic fashion.

One of the first things we worked on is creating AM/Pm bookends which could also be considered morning and evening rituals.These are the times of day when you are less likely to be distracted.

We actually start with the PM bookend by getting to bed early enough to get a good nights sleep. Part of that ritual includes planning for the next day focusing on three main areas :

1. Energy
2, Work
3, Love

In each of these areas you:

  1. Create you specific identity
  2. Express the virtues you wish to embody
  3. Identify the one thing you will focus on in each area

    Another part of the morning and evening ritual is a meditation practice. I have strived to incorporate box breathing into a daily practice for some time but I have never been consistent with meditation. This particular Optimus meditation incorporates several things which I have found helpful in being consistent.
    1. breathing is simply inhale and exhale
    2. it incorporates affirmations focusing on certain virtues that may resonate with you
    3. It focuses on the three main areas of Energy, Work, and Love where you contemplate your identity, virtues, and one thing to focus on in each of those areas for the day.

    Here is the guided version of the meditation.
    Optimus Meditation.

    I hope you find some of these practices helpful in your own journey.