The mission at Alliance is to help you Optimize your training in the gym, as well as, your life outside the gym. My passion for optimization is at an all time high. My excitement is fueled by the fact that, with all the current knowledge, tools, and resources we have available, human potential is nearly unlimited.  The Alliance programs are designed for both optimization in specific areas,as well as, overall optimization. It is up to you to decide what you value and which areas of your life you choose to pursue optimization.

Here are what we focus on specifically through our core Alliance training programs.
FITFLO– Health and functional fitness
2, Parisi Speed School– Speed, power, agility and athletic attribute development
3. Brazilian Jiujitsu– the art of Jiujitsu for self defense and sport

These are the specific areas we are aiming to help you optimize. There are numerous other benefits associated with the work done in each of these specific areas. Each program lends itself to be a program for self development which can carry over into other areas of your life. The lessons you learn and the confidence you gain can sometimes be a greater benefit than the original stated purpose for training. For example, you may start a program because you needed to lose weight either due to health concerns are the fact you want to look and feel better  However, you may eventually find that the increased energy, confidence, and comraderie associated with training are a  greater benefit than the weight loss. As stated in the book, “Zen in the Art of Archery”, the author says that the art is not undertaken for the mere sake of learning the art but as a portal to enlightenment.

Regardless of the area you would like to optimize, I have found beliefs and habits to be integral in the process. Let us first look at beliefs.What I have witnessed in 30 years of coaching is that one of the biggest obstacles stopping people from reaching their goals is the true belief in themselves that they can achieve that goal. To take this a step further some people will not even set a goal or commit to optimization due to the fact that they believe they may fail. in many cases this is not even a conscious decision. Through self reflection we can uncover some of these limiting and often unconscious beliefs. One exercise I have mentioned previously is to simply take some quiet time to reflect and write down all the beliefs that come to mind about any particular area of your life. Don’t make any judgement on these beliefs just simply record them as they come to mind. You can do this over several days just spending a few minutes each day being introspective. Take a couple of days off and then go back and examine each of those beliefs more closely to determine if they are empowering beliefs or disempowering ones. Then of those disempowering ones examine where those beliefs originated and if they are actually true. The second exercise is the is the “Future Self” exercise. If you want to change, you need to visualize yourself as the person you wish to be. If you cannot see yourself in that light then the change will difficult.

Having belief and seeing yourself as the person you want to be are a step in the the right direction but are not enough for optimization. You also need to take action. Again to use the simple but not easy example of weight loss. You may believe your can lose weight and you may see yourself as a leaner version of yourself but you need to change your behavior if you want to be successful. You need to have a plan or a system and take action i order to effect this change.

If you really break it down, we are for the most part where we are in area of our life as a result of the decisions and actions we repeatedly make. Another way of thinking of this is that we are culmination of our daily habits. If we want to change or optimize in area we need to take a look at what our habits are surrounding it. Again if we look at the area of weight loss. Most people don’t gain weight over a short period of time but rather do so over a period of months or years. The habits surrounding their eating and moving eventually led them to where they are. To make a change they must change their habits. This is the basis of our 12 month nutrition program that helped Victor lose 80 pounds. It is ultimately developing one new habit on top of another or stacking habits. Brian Johnson’s, “Optimize +1”, program is based off a similar principle. Each day Brian provides something a thought upon which you can take action on to help optimize your life. James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits”, does a fantastic job of explaining how we develop habits and how we can choose and change habits to help us become our best.  He breaks down the process of developing habits into four simple steps:
1. Cue
2. Craving
3. Response
4. Reward

We will be working more diligently to provide future challenges as a group to help you develop the habits that will help you optimize your life. In our individual training program “Optimized Self Upgrade” we are able to fine tune these habits to meet more specifically with the client. Keep an eye out for our next challenge coming up in December.