Three scientific papers have now been published – in peer-reviewed journals – to report on the safety/effectiveness of PN’s methods.

This is awesome because, although *we* know our coaching methods are world class, having been proven with more than 45,000 of our own clients…

..people outside Precision Nutrition sometimes remain skeptical, especially those in the evidence-based communities (including medicine, Pharma, etc).

Not only do these studies show *very* positive results, they also demonstrate our coaching is truly “evidence-based”. In the latest study, done in conjunction with Dr. Maggie Watt, a PN Coaching graduate and physician from Victoria, BC, we studied a group of overweight/obese women in her practice.

Particularly, we looked at how PN Coaching influences:

* weight,
* waist circumference,
* fat mass,
* muscle mass,
* blood pressure,
* total cholesterol,
* and other factors.

The results were very exciting. Over 12 months, women who
completed the program:

* lost an average of 16.5 pounds
* reduced waist circumference by an average of 3.4 inches
* decreased diastolic blood pressure by 3.33 mmHg
* increased high density lipoproteins by 0.14 mmol/L

In conclusion, the women who completed PN Coaching experienced significant weight loss (8.3% of initial body weight) coming mostly from body fat. Chronic disease risk factors also improved.

Study details HERE