The word “suspicious” hung in the air like a dark springtime thundercloud.  The year was 2002; I was 55 years old.  My doctor went on to tell me that I showed early signs of Parkinson’s Disease; this was his “suspicion”.  He explained that PD was a movement disorder, that there was no cure, and no one knew what caused the disease.  He advised me to seek confirmation of his diagnosis.

After several noted specialists agreed with this diagnosis, I began to question them as to what I could do to fight this disease and maintain a quality of life.  Besides medication, all physicians agreed that exercise was at the forefront in this battle.  This response was an answer to prayer. I was at that time and had been for years, an avid runner and cyclist. However, I realized that being “cardio fit” through those activities was not going to be enough.

Now, on the doorstep of being 68 years old, I am continuing to fight Parkinson’s and improving my overall physical health at Fit Flo Greenville. During the 18 months that I have been a member, the entire staff has been supportive and committed to helping me in my quest to improve. They have structured or modified certain workouts that meet the goals of the day. They assist me in doing each workout correctly and safely.

The mission statement of Alliance begins with “To inspire and empower others…” My affiliation with this group has done that for me and has become my vehicle to improve and prolong my life.

Richard M. Keir

Last transformation challenge I lost 16.5 lbs.  That was easy – I should have/needed to lose 30 lbs. That being said, the challenge turned out to be enjoyable. Almost immediately my clothes started to fit better.  I found following the daily checklist of good eating habits made me feel great. Proteins and vegetables (Warrior 20) sure beat carbohydrate loading for energy and alertness. I’m looking forward to the next transformation challenge. I needed to get an extra hole punched in my newest belt after last challenge but never got around to it.  After this challenge, I plan on being two holes tighter.

Nicholas Sardone