Another recently published study was done in conjunction with Dr. Shannon Lynch and Dr. Kathryn Schmitz, both PN Coaching grads and researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania and the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

In this one we studied female breast cancer survivors who underwent prophylactic oophorectomy and thus experienced premature surgical menopause. We examined:

* cardiovascular fitness,
* dietary intake,
* leisure time activity,
* body composition,
* bone mineral density,
* bone structure,
* muscle strength.

Again, really positive results…

* Average adherence to the program was 74.8%.

* Women in coaching maintained their fitness (1.1%) while the control group decreased (-4.0%).

* Women in coaching gained bone area (0.5) while the control group decreased (-0.8).

* Women in coaching decreased BMI (-4.7%) and fat mass (-8.6%) while the control group only lost lean mass.

In conclusion, in this population at high risk for negative bone and cardiovascular outcomes, PN Coaching preserved cardiovascular health, improved bone health, decreased weight through fat loss.

Study details HERE