In Part 1: Algorithms, Habits, Epigenetics, and Motivation, we focused on the motivation equation. In review, the equation is

Motivation = Energy x Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay

I also discussed how our genes are turned on and off largely by our lifestyle. Our lifestyle is largely a culmination of our daily habits.

John Maxwell says, “You can’t choose your future. What you can do is create good habits that create your future.”

In the book “Biology of Belief”, Bruce Lipton discusses how habits effect our epigenetics not only by things we are physically doing but also the way we think. ” While we generally believe that our creative conscious mind is controlling our lives, neuroscience reveals that the character of 95% of our life is controlled by the habits programmed in the subconscious mind.”

The ultimate goal is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The purpose here is to show one process for moving in that direction. I personally believe it is a very powerful and effective process. For the process to work you must first believe in it and then apply it. That ties back to our motivation equation. If you truly want to make a change, then trusting in the process will give you the expectancy that change is possible. As an Optimization Coach what I am working to help you do is “use your willpower to install habits that run on autopilot via algorithms.”

In part 1 of this series, I mentioned that you can view your daily habits as a series of algorithms or IF/THEN statements. So, the first part of this process is to examine what your current algorithms and habits are currently. If we want to change anything we have to be aware of what we are doing to begin with.

So, the first exercise in this process is to take at least 30-60 minutes to simply write down 100 of your daily habits and algorithms. You can do this by simply writing a bunch of IF/THEN statements. For example,
If                                                       Then 
My alarm goes off               I get up turn it off                                                  and go to the                                                      restroom.

I go downstairs                   I start making my                                                 coffee.

Waiting on coffee                I take my                                                             supplements

I’m driving to the gym         I listen to                                                             Optimize+1

The second part of the exercise is to examine  those algorithms and establish the top 10 which you feel empower you the most. Those are the ones we want to focus on establishing. You can even rank them in order of importance.

Next week we will look at how to better install those algorithms which empower us.

Commit  •  Show Up  •  Don’t Quit  •  Be Uncommon  •  Be Your Best Self

– Billy