Our big picture vision for this year and moving forward is to help you be your best! This past weekend we had a workshop on this very subject. We viewed Brain Johnson’s Master class looking at ten big ideas on this very subject. For those who were able to attend this will be a recap.For those who were not able to be there here is a brief summary of those big ideas.

1.  Operationalizing Virtue
This is something I am really focused on this year. This goes for both helping myself as well as helping others.  It is great to have goals but you need systems, a process, and action to see those goals to fruition. It is also great to accumulate knowledge but application of that knowledge is what will empower you to be your best. As Brian says, “Less Chit Chat More Arete”.
2. Eudaimonic Identity = Optimus You
There are many different exercises you can utilize to help with this idea. As Tony Robbins says, we are all motivated by one of two things. We move towards pleasure and away from pain. An exercise that can help you move towards pleasure is  the “Future Self” visualization. This is an exercise we recently challenged you to try during our “Spiritual Challenge” back in December. It is a great exercise to help create the vision of what your best self looks and feels like.  For motivation from the pain side of things Brian says take a visit to Hell. It goes something like this. You are nearing the very end of your life and as you are taking your last breaths in walks the person you could have been. The gap between who you are and who you could have been some people call Hell. You can’t do anything about the past but you can certainly control your future by what you do from here forward.
3. The Big Three
4. Energy
Without your health you have nothing. You have to have energy to pursue your goals and to show up and do your best everyday. How you stay healthy and create energy revolves around three fundamentals. You need to move, eat well, and sleep/rest. This is our speciality. We have systems to help you in each of these areas and are here to support you on your journey to greater health, fitness, and energy.
5. Work
What unique skills and abilities do you posses. Can you find the link between your passion, purpose and principles.
6. Love 
Who can you support, serve, and love.
7. 100,000X + 1 Quadrillion
The little habits you create each day help you compound your improvement over time. Creating a system or algorithim to move you towards your goals and being your best self is key. Just getting a little better each day will lead to an incredible transformation over time. Kaizen is the Japanese word that represents this idea.
8. Masterpiece Days
What does you Masterpiece day look like. Picture that day in your mind and write it down. What are the big most important things you can incorporate each day to help in your big three.
9. Decisions and Disciplines
We are constantly making decisions that either move us toward who we want to be or not. Our life is an accumulation of all of those decisions both big and small. There are three types of decisions. There are reactive, structured, and expansive.
10. To Dare or Not to Dare
When you reflect on some of your greatest accomplishments you may find that they occurred just on the other side of fear. Vice versa there may have been some times when fear stopped you from trying something and as a result you don’t know what could have been. Be not afraid!