I have spoken to a few of our clients over the last few months and began to realize that many of our adults, who train in the morning, don’t really know anything about our kids sports performance program because they never see the kids training. I want to make sure everyone is aware of the special event we have going on this coming weekend and its purpose.

We will be having our Parisi Open Combine this Saturday, February, 24th. This is a FREE event, and you are welcome to bring non members. This is an opportunity for kids from the ages of 7-18 to be tested or retested in the following:
1. 10 and 20 yard sprint (measure of the ability to accelerate)
2. Vertical Jump (measure of vertical power)
3. 5 Hop Test (measure of horizontal power)
4. 5-10-5 (measure of the ability to change direction)
5. Pullup Test (measure of relative strength)

Kids from 7-12 years old will test from 9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Kids from 13 and up will test from 11 a.m-1p.m.
RSVP is not necessary, but if you would like to reserve a spot, please call 864-263-3812. This event will take the place of the 10:00 Parisi total conditioning class, but if you show up at 10:00, no problem, we will put your through the combine.

You may recognize the combine as it has many of the same tests that are used for the NFL combine which is coming up in March. Why does the NFL place such an emphasis on these tests and why do we have the kids perform this test? The answer is that these tests are measures of general athletic ability. So, why is this important? For most sports, it will be your athletic ability not your skill at the sport that becomes the limit of how far you can go. I think almost any great coach would agree that if they have a great athlete then you can teach them the sport (assuming the kid is willing to work). If you are slower, weaker, and less explosive than other athletes then you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately, these are all things that can be developed through proper training.

We have talked a lot about having systems in order to help you optimize your training and life. For the kids we train, that system is the Parisi speed school. In the process, of moving from our old location to our current location, I found an old article I had written nearly 10 years ago about resources for developing specific aspects of training. In that article, I wrote that the Parisi Speed School was the place to go if you want to learn to be faster. A key word there is learn. We teach that speed is a skill and that everyone can become faster if they follow the system. Parisi continues to stay on the cutting edge and has a couple of decades of proof that the system works. We now have two years of testing with our athletes to show the same.

Of course, our goal is not just to make the kids better athletes but to build their confidence, character, mental toughness and teach them skills they can use for the rest of their life.