In our previous post, 5 Ways to Optimize Your Life, we discussed how to optimize your training in order to maximize your results. In regards to the mental work, which sets the stage for everything else, we are working with Thom Shea utilizing the Unbreakable Lessons. Within that framework, we are working on what Thom refers to as the five pyramids. The physical and spiritual pyramids overlap with the physical and spiritual components of five critical areas mentioned in the Five Ways to Optimize Your Life.

1. Physical
2. Intellectual
3. Relationships
4. Wealth
5. Spiritual

I know that I have not reached my potential in many areas of my life. None of us really know what that potential is until we make an effort to go “all in” in any of those areas. In the long run, it really becomes more about the journey than the destination.


The question “why?” is one we all asked as kids and one that, If you are a parent, has been asked many times by your kids. This question and its answer can have many powerful implications. With it being the beginning of a new year and a time many people set goals, I thought it would be a great time to revisit that question. Anytime I meet with a new potential client I always start by asking the question, “Why are your here?” I then encourage them to take a deeper look beyond their initial answer and ask the same question of why at least 4 more times. The purpose of this exercise is to help them connect their goal to a deeper purpose, thereby uncovering the true reason for their goal in the first place. To take full advantage of this exercise requires some careful introspection but it is well worth the effort. This exercise can be applied to any of your goals to uncover their true nature and help light a fire to help you achieve them.

Understanding Your Training Purpose

I have made a concerted effort as of late to make sure I communicate the “why” behind each of our training sessions. I want you to understand the purpose of each training session. It is my goal to provide a training system, coaching, environment, and culture where you can reach your goals. It is important for me to know, that you know how the training fits into you reaching goals. If you don’t understand this and apply the training as intended then we are not being as efficient in our work together as possible. Again it is my goal to provide training, not entertainment. That will be the focus of a future article.

Your Big Why

The question of “WHY?” can also be applied to the big picture of your actual purpose in life as discussed in a recent Forbes article on Finding Your Purpose. I remember making the connection to the power of knowing my “why” during my training at SealFit headquarters and going through the Kokoro experience. We discussed the importance of finding your “WHY” during the academy the week prior to Kokoro but going through Kokoro I got to experience its importance viscerally. I refer to this “WHY” as your “big why”.

Your Little Why

I gained a new perspective on the question of why during our “12 Hours of Unbreakable Jiu-Jitsu”. During one of our discussions, Thom Shea said the question of “why” will kill your performance. What he was referring to is what I will call the “little why”. In the midst of struggle, if you ask the question ‘why?’ and you can’t answer with a big “WHY” then you are done. This is similar to what I have referred to before as “burning the questions”. If you ask the question, you will get an answer. If you have not established a strong purpose ahead of time you may find that during the struggle the answer is conveniently the one that supports your desire to give up in the midst of the struggle.

If you haven’t made a strong connection to your ‘why’ of training I encourage you to do so. If you haven’t discovered your big “WHY”, I encourage you to do so in 2017. Part of our goal here at Alliance is to help you do both.