I have mentioned previously that 2017 is a year for biohacking. There are many things I am experimenting with and some that I have already begun to integrate into our normal daily training at Alliance. One of those is the incorporation of certain strongman functional movements and emphasis on torque production to improve and fix movement problems. Starting in February, you are welcome to join me on this journey, as we have the opportunity to work together to find balance, perform at our peak, and deal with our own funk. ( I got that last part from Josh Waitzkin http://tim.blog/2016/03/23/josh-waitzkin-the-prodigy-returns/.)

For some time, we have had a Saturday morning training which we referred to as SealFit. In the beginning, the training was designed specifically to help us prepare for special SealFit crucible events such as 20X and Kokoro. Later it took on different shape. We began using different physical training methodologies while maintaining some of the original SealFit Priniciples such as, integrated training of the five mountains (physical, mental, emotional, intuition, kokoro), and team work.

Beginning on February11th, we will have a training that will have more specific systems to work on some of these same things and more. My plan is to integrate physical training with the Unbreakable Lessons that are part of the Unbreakable Path developed by Thom Shea. We have already worked with Thom during the 24 Hour Walk and the 12 Hours of Unbreakable Jiujitsu with success. You can visit Thom’s website www.adamantinealliance.com for more info. Here are a couple of links with info about the path.
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You can choose to focus on the physical training, which will incorporate strongman training, flexibility training, and meditation work, by itself. You can also, choose to follow Thom’s program without our specific physical training. Many have done both with great success. However, integrating both trainings can have a powerful synergistic effect.

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